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Namibia is located in southwest Africa, is bordered by Zambia, Angola, Botswana and South Africa, from which it gained independence in 1990. Distinguished by its rich, arid red Namib desert, which meets the Atlantic Ocean coast and its diverse wildlife, including significant cheetah population, rhinos and giraffes. Since its independence, it has maintained a relatively stable democratic republic, an independent foreign policy, and been a vocal advocate for greater regional integration. It is also a member of the United Nations and the South African Development Community.

Why volunteer in Namibia

While Namibia’s economy–largely driving by mining, manufacturing and agriculture—remains stable, and was named by Bloomberg in 2013 as a top emerging market economy in Africa, there still exists pockets of widespread property and thus a need for volunteers.

Getting there

To prevent the spread of Ebola, authorities have suspended the entry of passengers travelling from EVD-affected countries.The Australian Consulate is located in Windhoek.
Travel to and from Namibia is largely similar to that of South Africa.
Petty crime is prevalent, so it’s recommended that travellers move in groups and in public areas.
The rate of HIV/AIDS is high in Namibia, and you should exercise appropriate precautions if engaging in activities that expose you to risk of infection.
Malaria, insect-borne and water-borne diseases are prevalent in Namibia, and so precautions should be taken to prevent infection.

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